The MVSA is located in the historic center of Sondrio, within the splendid setting of Palazzo Sassi de ‘Lavizzari.

The palette of the Civic Museum consists of six sections, which tell the history and artistic expressions of the entire Valtellina: during the visit you can discover the ancient inhabited areas of the valley, starting from prehistoric times up to the Middle Ages (Archeology); you will retrace the places and expressions of faith (Sacred Art) or you will travel in the Mediterranean in search of priceless treasures (Collections); you will know an entire family who dedicated their life to art (Ligari); you will admire a preview of modern and contemporary art (twentieth century); finally you will meet the important characters of the city of Sondrio (History).

Ours is a child-friendly museum, with creative ateliers and workshops, but it also carries out guided tours for adults, reserving special experiences for users with disabilities.

A museum of people, fairy tales and adventures awaits you … a museum for everyone.

Come and visit us, we have many stories to tell you.

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